Latest figures show why we need 100 more police

100-more-police-lambeth-470x260With falling officer numbers and fewer crimes being solved Lambeth Labour is continuing to fight for more police officers to keep our streets safe.

By the time of the next general election the number of Police Officers and Community Police Officers (PCSOs) in London will have reduced by nearly 4,000 compared to March 2010 and the latest figures show that 600,000 crimes went unsolved in London last year – a detection rate of just 22%.

That is unacceptable and Boris Johnson should explain what he is doing to tackle the problem and ensure that criminals are brought to justice.

Local residents are telling us that crime is too high. We brought in neighbourhood police teams that put bobbies back on the beat – they made our streets safer and helped restore community confidence.

But now the Mayor of London has slashed policing in Lambeth by 20% – the biggest in London.

We’re campaigning to win back some of the police officers that we have lost. We’re calling for a fairer deal for the borough with 100 more police.

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