Your New Town Hall development ‘a good deal for Lambeth’

cropped-brixton-banner-9Lambeth Council’s plan to reduce the number of office buildings it runs and to redevelop Lambeth Town Hall in Brixton Hill have been given the go-ahead. The decision was made at Lambeth Council’s Cabinet meeting at the town hall last week (November 4). Brixton Hill councillors are now committed to making sure residents have their say and the development works for Brixton Hill.

Cllr Paul McGlone, Cabinet Member for Finance, said at the meeting: “This is a good deal for Lambeth – it will save at least £4.5 million a year, deliver new affordable homes as well as jobs for local people.

“It’s a smart deal too because by selling off our old and expensive office buildings we can make the development pay for itself.

“In Clapham we provided a new library, a GP health centre, leisure centre and affordable housing at no cost to the taxpayer by taking a similar approach and working successfully with a development partner.”

The new scheme will see the town hall opened up even further to local people, space for start-up businesses, a purpose-built energy efficient new council office, 275 new homes of which the aim is to secure 40% as ‘affordable’ and hundreds of construction jobs, including 45 apprenticeships.

Cllr McGlone said: “Lambeth town hall is an iconic building that’s been at the heart of the community for over 100 years and  this development  makes sure it retains that special place.”

Lambeth’s cabinet has now named Muse as its preferred developer. No contracts have been signed and there now follows a period of 10-day legal standstill before any decision is finalised.

Brixton Hill councillors have welcomed the opportunity to create new work- and community spaces in the ward and to improve the immediate area and public realm around the town hall.

Brixton Hill councillor Martin Tiedemann said: “We are pleased that there is now a named developer that we and the community can work with to shape the new town hall. We are committed to making sure that there is as much consultation and opportunity for local residents to have their say as possible.

“We will now be working to make sure the new development meets the high environmental standards that the Council has committed to, that we maximise the amount of affordable housing and that there is as little disruption for local residents as possible.”

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