Brixton businesses support Business Improvement District

Earlier this week it was announced that 83% of participating businesses in Brixton had given the go-ahead to the Business Improvement District (BID). The new scheme will come into force on January 1 2014 with a budget of about £435,000 to spend, funded by an additional levy of 1.5% on all businesses with a rateable value above £5,000.

The BID covers central Brixton, coming up Brixton Hill as far as Blenheim Gardens and so incorporating the Town Hall parade and shops around the White Horse, as well as Acre Lane as far as Strathleven Road.

The BID will aim to make improvements to the area based on business consensus, working in partnership with the Council. We are pleased that the decision was taken to include smaller, independent businesses in the scheme so that Brixton BID is one of the very largest in the whole country and will not just be for the large chains but also be focused on addressing issues raised by Brixton businesses.

The BID will focus on marketing Brixton internally and externally, improving the environment and public realm and working together to improve business efficiencies and develop the skill-sets of local people.

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