5-storey building proposed on Blenheim Gardens opposite Windmill pub

IMG_1206A planning application has been lodged with the Council for a new building on the empty site on Blenheim Gardens opposite the Windmill pub.

A 5-storey building is proposed, to create 13 studios/offices (Use Class B1, i.e. as offices but not for any industrial processes) and 9 residential units together with cycle parking and refuse and recycling storage areas. As a location of employment opportunity, it would be expected for there to be work units or offices – the developer claims that the residential element is to make the development stack up financially. Full details and documents are here.

This is effectively a repeat of the application made earlier in 2013, which the Council did not consider. That time almost a dozen local residents made submissions. While some welcomed the fact that an eyesore and neglected site would be redeveloped, the majority objected with issues such as:

  • the massing and height of the proposed building are not in keeping with the surrounding area;
  • the proposed building does not keep to the building line on the street;
  • it would be a dominant feature in a street otherwise intact with period architecture and leading to the Brixton Windmill;
  • overlooking of existing residential properties;
  • Loss of light at 27 / 29 / 31 Blenheim Gardens.

Residents have until early January to make comments or objections again, which can be done online. Please let councillors know you have done so.

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