Lambeth Housing Standard on track

Screenshot 2014-04-13 20.19.34

LAMBETH HOUSING STANDARDLambeth Living are on target to bring 2,050 homes up to the LHS in 2013/14. They have concentrated on making internal improvements and by December last year had installed 895 new kitchens and 895 new bathrooms and modernised the wiring in 857 homes.

They are now improving the outside of tenants’ and leaseholders’ homes, installing new windows and doors and repairing roofs, whilst continuing internal works.

In addition, between June and December last year:

  • 1,117 homes benefited from new water tanks and booster installations
  • 463 homes benefited from new communal electrical works (such as estate lighting)
  • 316 homes benefited from lift improvements or upgrades
  • 298 homes had new windows fitted
  • 246 homes had new door entry systems
  • 227 homes had heating system repairs and replacements installed
  • 137 homes benefited from having a new roof or roof repairs

Over the five-year programme all Lambeth estates will be brought up to the Lambeth Housing Standard – we’ll post updates affecting Brixton Hill here.

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