Resurfacing planned for several local roads

New Park Road AdrianWe are delighted that, after pressure from your local Labour team, Lambeth Council has agreed to resurface several local roads in the next few months.

Doverfield, Bonham, Rosebery and Thornbury Roads will all benefit from new road surfaces in the coming year. Rosebery Road will also have its pavement resurfaced. All four of these roads were nominated by local councillors and assessed using standard criteria against other roads around the borough.

The Council’s budget has undergone massive cuts by the Tory/Lib Dem Government. However, using money from the sale of empty council buildings, the Council has managed to fixed over 2,000 potholes since 2010 as well as resurface 200 roads this past year, including roads like New Park Road in our area.

Lambeth Labour have made road repairs a priority because we know that having streets and pavements that are safe to walk, cycle or drive down really matters to Brixton Hill residents. In our manifesto for the coming elections, we have pledged to make the biggest ever investment in roads and pavements in Lambeth, upgrading 130 miles of roads and pavements, and fixing potholes.

If you have any feedback on the planned resurfacing, or want to put your road forward for future programmes, please let us know.Doverfield Road sign

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