Brixton Windmill launch ‘Mill Memories’ on Bank Holiday Monday

Screenshot 2014-04-30 01.18.28

Brixton Windmill will be launching their Mill Memories book and exhibition on Bank Holiday Monday 5 May.

Mill Memories is an oral history project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund as part of its All Our Stories scheme. Volunteers interviewed 26 local residents about their recollections of Brixton Windmill and the surrounding area, and have used the material they gathered to produce a book and exhibition.

Brixton Windmill Theatre Group will also be interpreting some of the memories through a special performance for everyone involved with the project.

Brixton Windmill will be open for tours 2-5pm, and visitors to the park and mill will be able to see the book and exhibit

You can read and hear stories already collected here.

Local filmmaker Jack Slater has made a video exploring people’s views of the windmill, Brixton’s hidden ‘gem’.

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