Labour councillors re-elected in Brixton Hill with pledges to make area cleaner & greener and roads safer

Brixton Hill group shotAdrian Garden, Florence Nosegbe and Martin Tiedemann have been elected as the Labour councillors for Brixton Hill.

Adrian, formerly councillor for Vassall ward around Brixton Road, lives in Brixton Hill and was previously chair of the Brixton Hill Safer Neighbourhood Panel and of the Friends of Windmill Gardens. He joins Florence and Martin who have been councillors for the area since 2006 and 2013 respectively.

Thank you to everyone who voted for us. We look forward to working with our wonderful local schools, the large number of community groups, TRAs and residents’ associations, and local businesses and public services. Please let us know if you have ideas for our area or need help with a problem.

We delivered our material right across the ward, setting out our pledges for the area and for Lambeth as a whole. In case you missed it, you can download a copy here.

These are three of our local priorities that we will work towards over the next four years in Brixton Hill alongside Labour’s pledges for Lambeth.

  1. We’ll work to make our roads safer for cyclists & pedestrians, support Play Streets, deal with rat runs, improve transport links and introduce 20mph on all residential roads.
  2. We will work with local employers to create jobs and apprenticeships for local young people including with Brixton Energy supporting community-owned renewable energy.
  3. We will work to protect Brixton’s unique character and support our wonderful Brixton Windmill.

For Lambeth, we will:

1. Help you with the rising cost of living
by freezing council tax for the sixth year in a row

2. Boost jobs and grow local businesses
by offering every young person access to job support, training or an apprenticeship

3. Make Lambeth cleaner and greener
by resurfacing 130 miles of roads and pavements and recycling more waste than ever before

4. Create safer neighbourhoods and build the homes we need
by campaigning to protect community police and building 1,000 new council homes

5. Give young people the best start in life
by offering free breakfasts in all our primary schools

6. Help to keep you healthy
by getting more people involved in sporting activities and healthy exercise

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