Streatham Place McDonald’s refused permission to open 24 hours by Lambeth

McdonaldsFollowing representations by local residents and Brixton Hill councillors, Lambeth’s Licensing Sub-Committee turned down an application by McDonald’s to extend the opening hours of their restaurant on Streatham Place (the South Circular) to 24 hours a day.

Local residents including the residents association complained that 24-hour opening would mean that bright floodlights lit up the houses backing onto the site at unacceptable times of night. There would be a potential increase in noise nuisance, including from drivers and deliveries, and in litter, which are both already matters of concern during ‘normal’ hours in the area.

Cllr Martin Tiedemann made a written submission to the hearing, supporting residents and adding that he had concerns for the safety and wellbeing of patrons of the restaurant and others nearby late at night. There had been frequent reports of drug dealing along this stretch of the South Circular and there had not long ago been a fatal road accident. This area is largely residential and not used to large numbers of people, without the numbers of people on the street to encourage natural surveillance and vigilance.

Cllr Adrian Garden also wrote to support residents’ concerns and was at the meeting to speak on behalf of residents.

As well as scores of local residents, the Council’s noise team and the Metropolitan Police also made representations against the application.

The sub-committee’s full reasons will be published in the next few days.

It is strongly possible that McDonald’s will appeal this decision with likely well-paid legal advisors on hand. It can be difficult for residents and councillors to hear about appeals but we will monitor the situation and let residents know when we hear more.

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