“Key Facts” of the redevelopment of Lambeth College on Brixton Hill

Trinity Academy pic 2As previously outlined, an ‘open forum’ last week was organised by the partners redeveloping the Lambeth College site on Brixton Hill, which included the Education Funding Agency, Mott MacDonald, Lambeth College, Trinity Academy and South Bank UTC. Unfortunately many residents did not get sufficient notice, particularly those from Brixton Hill Court, so we are pressing for further opportunities. Councillors Adrian Garden and Martin Tiedemann attended and spoke to residents and architects.

The partners unveiled at the event a small number of images – two artists’ impressions and some site plans. These are reproduced below. The partners also circulated a page of ‘key facts’, including details of the four-storey temporary buildings to go on the far rear corner of the site and an email address residents can use to communicate with the partners. However, a lot more information and reassurances will be needed for residents to evaluate the plans and make meaningful suggestions in the planning process.

Key Facts

What is the purpose of this project?

  • This project will deliver 3 Educational Institutions on the site in new buildings. They are Lambeth College, Trinity Academy and Southbank University Technical College.

How will the project be funded?

  • The Education Funding Agency (EFA) is providing funds to pay for the design and construction of the buildings.
  • The EFA has already purchased the site from Lambeth College.

What is the difference between the three Educational Institutions?

  • Lambeth College who currently occupy the site provide Adult Education opportunities throughout the borough.
  • Trinity Academy, who opened on site in September, are a free school for 11-19 year olds.
  • Southbank UTC will provide practical based learning for 14-19 year olds, with business and industry providing expertise in the medical engineering and engineering fields.

How many pupils will be on site?

  • Trinity Academy will cater for up to 840 students
  • Southbank UTC will have up to 600 students
  • Lambeth College will have up to 500 students on site at one time

How does this compare to the existing site capacity?

  • Currently only about 600 people use the site at a time, the existing buildings could potentially hold over 1400 people
  • The new buildings could potentially have up to 2,000 students and staff on site.

How will the design be developed and by whom?

  • The information available now is a ‘Control Option’ design, which demonstrates that the scheme is feasible (this is an initial design that could deliver the user requirements)
  • The detailed designs will be developed by a Design & Build Contractor, that will work with the end users to develop a design that delivers their requirements, within budgets and programme requirements
  • A key part of the design development process is for the D&B Contractor to test their developing designs with the Planning Authority and other statutory bodies
  • The D&B Contractor will also to try to respond to the inputs of local residents where ever possible
  • Once the design is complete, the D&B Contractor will go one to complete the construction works

How will the school be physically delivered, whilst maintaining the education on the site?

  • Following a detailed assessment of various methods, the best option in terms of programme and cost delivers the new buildings in a single phase.
  • Temporary Accommodation will house all three institutions on site during the redevelopment.

What are the key dates for the project’s delivery?

  • A Contractor will be appointed in February 2015
  • The Planning Submission will take place in March 2015, with a view to gaining Planning Permission in July 2015 following public consultation
  • Phased Demolition of existing buildings will take place from roughly June 2015 to January 2016
  • All 3 Institutions will be housed in temporary accommodation on site from October 2015 until Construction Completion
  • Southbank UTC will open in new buildings around January 2017
  • Trinity Academy and Lambeth College will open in the new buildings in August/September 2017

Where will Temporary Accommodation be and what shall it look like?

  • The Temporary Accommodation shall be towards the rear of the site. It shall be up to four storeys tall.
  • Following completion of the new buildings a hard and soft play areas shall be provided in its place.
  • This assures that this portion of the site will not have permanent development on it.

How can I express my support or make objections to this project?

  • Please leave comments here today or email us at BrixtonHillRedevelopment@hotmail.com
  • Your feedback is important to us and we shall consider it when finalising the design and making the Planning Submission.
 Trinity Academy pic
Trinity Academy pic 2IMG_2524IMG_2523IMG_2525

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