Consultation on New Town Hall Construction Plans

Town-HallThe New Town Hall project was granted planning permission earlier this autumn. It is hoped that construction will commence early next year but, in the meantime, the partners are consulting on a ‘Construction & Environmental Management Plan’ (CEMP). The deadline for feedback on this document is Thursday 3rd December at 12 noon.

The purpose of this Plan is to:

  • Describe the nature of the construction activities that will be undertaken
  • Summarise the likely environmental issues that may arise during construction such as noise, dust and vibration
  • Specify the team’s proposed approach to managing these
  • Outline the team’s proposed construction and demolition programme
  • Provide useful information such as a point of contact, agreed working hours for noisy works and the team’s Code of Practice

This encompasses the redevelopment of the Town Hall and Ivor House on Acre Lane as well as the new buildings on Brixton Hill next to the Electric Brixton and on the site of Olive Morris House.

Understanding the Plan

The CEMP is a reasonably long document and there will no doubt be several chapters covering aspects of construction that are unlikely to affect individual households. You can identify the elements of construction you are most interested in by looking at the contents page. On this page you will be able to identify sections such as Section 7, Traffic Management Plan which will contain useful information about which local roads construction traffic will use.

We also appreciate that, in places, the Plan uses technical language which is necessary for a document of this kind due to the need to comply with building regulations. We realise this might mean that parts of the document might be difficult to understand so the team will be on hand to answer your questions and to provide guidance if needed; please contact them if you need help, using the details at the bottom of the page.

Give the team your feedback

Please click the links below to download the Construction and Environmental Management Plan and submit your feedback.

Download Construction and Environmental Management Plan [pdf 2.6mb]
Click here to submit your feedback online

The deadline for feedback on this document is Thursday 3rd December at 12 noon.

When giving the team your comments, please ensure that you specify which section (ie. chapter heading/sub-heading) and page number each point of your feedback relates to so there is no confusion in reviewing and responding to any concerns.

Problem accessing the Plan?

If you are unable to view the document online or would like a printed version to be posted to you, please send the team an e-mail to or call on 0344 225 0003.

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