Incredible community support for injured Lyham Road shopkeeper

6628581_1446558648.7178Last month the shopkeeper at the corner shop on Lyham Road was shot in the face with a pellet gun during an armed robbery. The victim was taken to hospital where he was treated for numerous wounds to his face. Some of the pellets lodged in his eyes and he will require further surgery to remove the pellets and save his sight.

Councillors Garden and Tiedemann visited the shop the next day to offer support to the family and the police continue to appeal for witnesses with CCTV images. But Lyham Road residents have come together to organise an incredible show of community support with a crowdfunded campaign that has raised over £1,500 for the shopkeeper.

Organiser Emily Howell told the Brixton Blog: “We felt we should do something to help him while he recovers. He’s a right sweetheart who’s always friendly and welcoming, waves to us when we go to work, lets us pay for stuff later when we don’t have the right change and makes the area feel like a real community.”

The campaign is now hoping to reach £2,000 and are appealing for more funds – donate via Gofundme here.

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