Val Shawcross urges TfL to take action on dangerous junction

valjunctionLocal London Assembly Member Val Shawcross has urged Transport for London to take action over the dangerous junction at Brixton Hill with Acre Lane.

Val has received figures showing that from 2012-2014 there were 15 pedestrian casualties at the junction, more than other hotspots in the area. Val has tabled a series of questions to the Mayor of London asking what plans TfL have to improve the area and make it safe.

Val told the South London Press: “The area around this junction has been transformed during my time as Assembly member for the area and the new space at Windrush Square shows what can be done to create a brilliant public realm. So many people live, work and visit Brixton and travel through this key junction so to see these accident figures is alarming. As well as being a very attractive street scene we also want this key area to be as safe as possible.

“TfL has been doing a lot of work on various projects to improve the situation for vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists, but it’s important that this junction gets some attention, and soon.

“I’ve asked further questions about what will be done to address these accident figures and am awaiting a response. I hope that some steps can be taken that will mean Brixton will soon be safer as well as smart.”

In response TfL confirmed that the 20mph speed limit that Lambeth are introducing to all residential roads will be trialled on all the arms of this junction. They are also investigating installing pedestrian countdown timers at this location, so people know how long they have to cross, new pedestrian / cyclist crossings and will review signal timings. Councillors will work with Val and her successor to make sure these come into place.

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