New pizzeria planned on Brixton Hill – alcohol licence applied for

High Spirits, Brixton HillThe owners of 105 Brixton Hill, until recently the ‘High Spirits’ off licence and convenience store, have applied for an alcohol licence to be able to serve alcohol in a restaurant setting. The application is under the title of ‘Pizza Brixton’, giving some clue about the likely type of restaurant planned!

The application requests sale of alcohol throughout their opening hours – 11am to 11.30pm every day.

Representations objecting to or supporting this application, or suggesting conditions for a licence, can be made by emailing by 17/11/2016.

More information here. Comments should address one or more of the licensing objectives:

  • Preventing crime and disorder;
  • Public safety;
  • Preventing public nuisance; and
  • Protecting children from harm.

1 thought on “New pizzeria planned on Brixton Hill – alcohol licence applied for

  1. Thats all we need, another shop selling alcohol. We already have three 24 hr off licences trading on brixton hill (to many & has encouraged brasses, beggars & all sorts to be hanging around for years)

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