Raised crossing proposed for Kings Avenue to address safety concerns

pedestrian-crossing-160672_640Lambeth Council has launched a statutory consultation on its plans to improve a pedestrian crossing on Kings Avenue and address serious concerns about its safety.

In late 2016, Brixton Hill councillors received complaints about the crossing outside Robins Court and launched an informal consultation, writing to 200 properties on Kings Avenue and neighbouring roads. Many residents told us how cars failed to stop at the zebra crossing and that there had been many near misses and a general sense this is not a safe place to cross. We were able to use these testimonies as evidence that the Council needs to take urgent action and raised the issue as a formal question to the Council meeting. We also arranged for foliage to be trimmed back to help visibility of the crossing.

In response, Lambeth Council has now issued plans for a raised crossing. They have given notice that they intend to ‘construct the type of flat-top road hump known as a “speed table” or “raised table” in Kings Avenue outside Clarendon Court, 66 Kings Avenue and Robins Court, 85 Kings Avenue, extending for a distance of 9 metres including the ramps (the existing zebra pedestrian crossing at this location would be positioned on this speed table).’

There is now a consultation period before work can commence. All objections and other representations relating to the proposed raised table must be made in writing by 15th February 2017 to Barbara Poulter, Highways & Enforcement Group, London Borough of Lambeth, 5th Floor, Blue Star House, 234-244 Stockwell Road, London SW9 9SP. Any representation needs to specify the grounds on which they are made.

2 thoughts on “Raised crossing proposed for Kings Avenue to address safety concerns

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