Use our survey to tell us what you think about road safety in Brixton Hill

captureOver recent months many residents have written to us with concerns about road safety. We have written to the Council and brought senior decision makers here on walkabouts. Last week, Martin Tiedemann asked a written question at Council on road safety and followed it up at the meeting with a question about the New Park Road scheme.

We have already been able to get some local changes:

However, we know there is more to be done. We’ve been told about speeding on Lyham Road and dangerous driving on Dumbarton and Kildoran Roads. There have been very serious accidents recently by the Town Hall and on Kingswood Road. We have concerns about many of our road junctions, especially for cyclists.
So we want to hear from you. Are there roads and junctions that you are concerned about? Which pedestrian crossings need our attention?

And what measures do you think would best address these issues? Better crossings, more enforcement of bad driving, upgraded cycle lanes? Do you want to see road closures of certain roads, or do you think that would be too great an inconvenience and interfere with your commute?

We can’t promise we can implement every idea but your views will help us prioritise. We want to hear from pedestrians, cyclists and drivers and find out what might work best in this area.

So please take five minutes to fill in our survey and let us know what matters to you.

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