Kildoran and Winslade Roads to be resurfaced


Kildoran Road and Winslade Road are the latest to be resurfaced in the Council’s plan to ensure 130 miles of the borough’s roads are upgraded by 2018. Of the roads put forward for consideration by councillors and residents’ groups, these two were assessed by surveyors as being of top priority.

Cllr Tiedemann has now written to the Council’s housing department, responsible for the pavements and roads outside Diana House between Bonham and Winslade roads, to ask them to prioritise resurfacing that area which is in poor condition. Given both Bonham and Winslade will now have new surfaces, it has become more urgent.

Councillors have also written to Transport for London to ask them to prioritise new pavements on Acre Lane, particularly given the number of puddles that form in bad weather. Acre Lane and Brixton Hill are the responsibility of TfL rather than Lambeth Council.