Hagamos que se escuche el voto Latinoamericano

Screenshot 2014-02-20 19.47.38Earlier this year, following a deputation by Latin Americans introduced by the late Mayor Mark Bennett with a wonderful speech in Spanish, Lambeth Council joined Southwark in officially recognising the borough’s Latin American community, which comprises some 40% of all Latinos in the UK. This means that monitoring forms will begin to have Latin American as an option so that the Council can better understand how this community uses it services – or whether the community is missing out.

Now CLAUK, the Coalition of Latin Americans in the UK, have launched a campaign to get Latin Americans resident in the UK to register to vote ahead of the elections on 22 May 2014. Latin Americans with British, European Union or Commonwealth passports are entitled to a vote but many, including here in Brixton Hill, are not registered. Continue reading