Lambeth College pledges a state-of-the-art learning centre on Brixton Hill

collegeLambeth College have made clear their commitment to continued learning provision from their site on Brixton Hill.

With plans shortly to be announced and consulted on, the statement from the College said that Phase 2 of the re-building of provision in the borough (following Phase 1 at Clapham) would see the following in Brixton from September 2015:

  • a brand new purpose-built building on the Brixton Hill site.
  • a new “state-of-the-art” learning centre for the community and our teachers.
  • an environment for high quality teaching and learning.

The statement said ‘We are committed to offering the people of Brixton and Lambeth a modern accessible new building on Brixton Hill that is fit for purpose and instrumental in helping to build careers for a whole new generation of learners from the borough of Lambeth and beyond.’

Brixton Hill’s councillors welcome the commitment to learning provision at the site and condemn the scaremongering and misinformation being spread locally for political purposes. Lambeth Council does not own or control the site – indeed it is not in public ownership at all as the College is an independent organisation. Nevertheless we will work with the College to make sure there’s full engagement by local residents and by College users and staff on the plans when they are announced and consultation on any new planning application for the site. Permission for a new building on the site has already been given in April 2009.

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