Last chance for feedback on Brixton Hill Campus proposals

Brixton Hill CampusToday, Monday 29 June, is the last day for public comments on the plans for the ‘Brixton Hill Campus’ on the site of Lambeth College before the development moves to the formal planning phase.

Since the public meeting in March, the consultants to the development held a further series of exhibitions and have redesigned their plans. Changes include cladding the buildings in brick rather than stone so as to fit in with Corpus Christi Church and Brixton Hill Court on either side. The sports facilities appear to back onto fewer houses and the sports hall height has been reduced. Continue reading

Exhibitions organised for new education development on Brixton Hill

image005After a less than satisfactory set of statements by the developers of the Lambeth College site on Brixton Hill at the meeting organised by Chuka Umunna MP earlier this month, the partners have finally put more information in the public domain.

A website has been created at and an exhibition is being planned as an opportunity to see the plans so far and meet the team on two dates:

  • Thursday 26 March between 2pm and 7.30pm
  • Saturday 28 March between 11am and 3pm

Both exhibitions will take place at Lambeth College on Brixton Hill. Councillors will attend to press the developers to ensure fuller, clearer information is now available about the new buildings and the construction phase.

Future events are promised and the team have said they welcome comments at or 020 7566 7964.

This week: Consultation meeting on Lambeth College redevelopment

Trinity Academy picLocal MP Chuka Umunna is holding a People’s Question Time on 4 March for residents to raise concerns with him, councillors and others regarding the redevelopment of Lambeth College on Brixton Hill.

Whilst many residents seem to be in favour for the site remaining a centre of education, rather than housing or retail, there is widespread concern regarding the lack of consultation given to residents regarding the proposals, despite councillors raising this with developers.

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“Key Facts” of the redevelopment of Lambeth College on Brixton Hill

Trinity Academy pic 2As previously outlined, an ‘open forum’ last week was organised by the partners redeveloping the Lambeth College site on Brixton Hill, which included the Education Funding Agency, Mott MacDonald, Lambeth College, Trinity Academy and South Bank UTC. Unfortunately many residents did not get sufficient notice, particularly those from Brixton Hill Court, so we are pressing for further opportunities. Councillors Adrian Garden and Martin Tiedemann attended and spoke to residents and architects.

The partners unveiled at the event a small number of images – two artists’ impressions and some site plans. These are reproduced below. The partners also circulated a page of ‘key facts’, including details of the four-storey temporary buildings to go on the far rear corner of the site and an email address residents can use to communicate with the partners. However, a lot more information and reassurances will be needed for residents to evaluate the plans and make meaningful suggestions in the planning process. Continue reading

Consultation finally announced on plans for Lambeth College site

Trinity Academy pic

After months of waiting for any news at all about the plans for the redevelopment of the Lambeth College site on Brixton Hill, the Government has finally announced its outline plans for the site that it bought from the College for £18million.

Brixton Hill residents have been invited to an ‘open forum’ discussion at the site on November 19, before the formal consultation process begins.

The Education Funding Agency (EFA) has confirmed the redeveloped site will be home to  adult education and training facilities for Lambeth College, the new Trinity Academy and the 14-19 Southbank University Technical College in partnership with London Southbank University and employer sponsors. They say the new buildings and provision will aim to cater for almost 2,000 learners at a time. Continue reading

Chuka Umunna: New free school on Brixton Hill not best use of site or public money

Chuka_Umunna-5DOur local MP has written for Brixton Blog about the new ‘Catholic-ethos’ free school that has opened on the Lambeth College site on Brixton Hill (and will be part of the new development on the site). He states that the free school ‘is not the best use’ of the site and that ‘a new school on that site has neither been necessary, or the best use of the taxpayers money’. Continue reading

Latest Lambeth College news

Screenshot 2014-04-13 07.47.07Lambeth College have released their latest newsletter with an update on their plans for their Brixton Hill site.

Lambeth College state they will have “a NEW, modern, high quality, state-of-the-art building on the Brixton Hill site, which will provide the College community with a social and learning zone.” The new provision will focus on preparing learners for work by providing English, Maths, ESOL, adult community learning and employability courses. Continue reading

Council issues statement regarding Trinity Academy free school

Screenshot 2014-01-26 15.34.24Lambeth Council has issued the following statement regarding Trinity Academy, the ‘Catholic ethos’ free school proposed for the Lambeth College site on Brixton Hill:


Lambeth, in common with local authorities across the country, has no power or influence over decisions about where free schools are set up.

This means the free school policy can cause havoc for the council’s admissions policy, where schools are set up in areas where there is no demand for places. This is the case with Trinity free school in Brixton where there’s no need for another secondary school.

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Consultation on new free school in Brixton Hill

Screenshot 2014-01-26 15.34.24The next couple of weeks see consultation meetings for the proposed new free school on the site of Lambeth College on Brixton Hill.

Trinity Academy will have two meetings to discuss the proposed new secondary school to open in September 2014, on the site on the corner of Horsford Road.

The drop-in meetings take place on:

  • Monday 27 January 3pm-5pm, at the Meeting Room, The Brix at St Matthews, Brixton Hill
  • Wednesday 12 February 7pm-9pm, The Boardroom, Lambeth College Clapham Centre, 45 Clapham Common South Side

There is also a wider consultation process that ends on 17 February at Continue reading

Lambeth College announces plans for new education campus on Brixton Hill

collegeLambeth College has announced its plans for its site on Brixton Hill that will see a major redevelopment underpinned by the Department of Education, who will buy the land from the College, an independent incorporated organisation. This should put to an end misinformation about ‘privatisation’ or ‘sell-off’.

The proposal will see a programme to create a brand new facility for Lambeth College as part of an education campus for Brixton. This will enable Lambeth College to continue to offer further education from its current site in Brixton.

Mark Silverman, Principal and Chief Executive of Lambeth College, said: “I am delighted that the site is going to be retained entirely for educational use, being completely redeveloped to create a modern learning campus for Brixton, including a brand new college building. It represents a major investment in education, learning and skills, not just for Brixton but also for the whole of Lambeth. This will allow Lambeth College to develop a high quality provision for adults and the community in what will be a modern, attractive learning environment.”

Streatham MP, Chuka Umunna, said: “In and outside of Parliament I have long campaigned for the provision of high quality further education, which is vital to expand opportunities for Lambeth residents and vital for our economy.  So it is fantastic that Lambeth College will be able to continue to offer further education on their current site in Brixton and I look forward to the development of the modern learning campus. I appreciate all the hard work that has gone into securing this positive future for the Brixton site and would like to thank all those involved for their efforts in making this happen.”

Councillors will now be working to ensure that local residents are involved in the construction phase and disruption is minimised. We understand that the re-development programme will be completed by September 2015.