Help us produce Brixton’s new licensing policy

whitehorsePart of what makes Brixton an amazing place to live is the breadth of entertainment. Venues like the Academy, Plan B, the Windmill and Dogstar, pubs like the White Horse and Grand Union and the many places to eat like Negril, Upstairs and Brixton Village have put Brixton on the map and created jobs and investment.

But those of us that live here also value a good night’s sleep, safety and security, and to wake up to clean streets and a pleasant environment. Lambeth Council – and indeed many venues themselves – play their part with patrols, clean-ups, inspections and licensing reviews. As members of the Licensing Committee, Brixton Hill councillors Florence Nosegbe and Martin Tiedemann make sure to make best use of the Council’s powers to ensure public safety and reduction of crime and public nuisance. Continue reading

Impact Hub launched at the Town Hall


A  new working and collaboration space is being opened in Brixton Hill, providing a new opportunity for start-up businesses.

Impact Hubs are made by and for local entrepreneurs: “start-ups, innovators, creatives and social businesses, makers, doers and dreamers”. Part of a global network, Impact Hub Brixton will build a pilot project at Lambeth Town Hall on Brixton Hill and offer flexible co-working space for however much people need each month.

The vision is to offer a unique ecosystem of resources and support for Impact Hub’s members, connecting them to over 7,000 collaborative entrepreneurs and change-makers worldwide.

To develop the vision, the organisers are looking for local entrepreneurs and organisations to work together to shape and build Impact Hub Brixton. They want the membership base to be diverse and embrace all kinds of local SMEs, start-ups, social ventures, creative businesses, consultants and freelancers.

Is this you? Sign up at

Join the Let’s Build It vision workshop on 19 March at 7pm. There will be pizza!

Brixton businesses support Business Improvement District

Earlier this week it was announced that 83% of participating businesses in Brixton had given the go-ahead to the Business Improvement District (BID). The new scheme will come into force on January 1 2014 with a budget of about £435,000 to spend, funded by an additional levy of 1.5% on all businesses with a rateable value above £5,000.

The BID covers central Brixton, coming up Brixton Hill as far as Blenheim Gardens and so incorporating the Town Hall parade and shops around the White Horse, as well as Acre Lane as far as Strathleven Road.

The BID will aim to make improvements to the area based on business consensus, working in partnership with the Council. We are pleased that the decision was taken to include smaller, independent businesses in the scheme so that Brixton BID is one of the very largest in the whole country and will not just be for the large chains but also be focused on addressing issues raised by Brixton businesses.

The BID will focus on marketing Brixton internally and externally, improving the environment and public realm and working together to improve business efficiencies and develop the skill-sets of local people.